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Available Kitty Updates


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July 14 2024

Miss Daisy had 5 healthy kitties on 7/4/2024. They are 10 days old and receiving lots of love and care from their mommy. We have only one more available. 

July 3 2024

Purcy had 4 beautiful kitties on 6/4/2024 and are four weeks old. They are all reserved. Miss daisy is getting ready to have kitties any day now. Four are reserved. 

May 25 2024 

Purcy is pregnant!! Expecting kitties in early June. Check back soon for more updates. 

April 13th 2024

Sadly no kitties, YET. Hopefully soon. Check back weekly. 

Jan 15th 2024

Happy New Year!

The kitties have been busy taking over the house and living their best life. All are very healthy and full of energy. They are at the cutest age and we are having a blast around here!

We have 12/13 kitties reserved, 

2 kitties have gone to their forever home and 4 more this weekend. We are always sad to see our kitties leave us, but so glad to find our babies' wonderful forever homes.

Dec 16th 2023

Miss Daisy had 3 healthy kitties on Nov 26. 2023. That means we have a house full of 13 kitties! 

Nov 25th 2023

Jasmine had 3 healthy kitties on Nov. 10, 2023. Momma and babies are doing well. 

Bandit and her kitties are doing great. They are walking around like they own the place. They have become some brave little kittens. Pretty soon they should start eating kitten food and discovering the litter box.


Miss Daisy is also going to have her kittens very soon. Check back for more details if you are interested in Miss Daisy's kitties. 

Nov 2nd 2023

Bandit had 7 kitties on 10/30/2023 at 5 am. All kitties look happy and healthy. They are eating and chirping. Bandit is doing well and being such a great mama. We have 1 reserved and 6 available. We are now accepting deposits.


Jasmine is due any day now. Stay tuned for more info on her kitties. 

Sept 30th 2023

All 5 kitties have found their forever homes. Check the updated 'Past Kitty Page' to see all the happy kitties that found their forever homes. 


We currently have no kitties available.  Mommy Bandit might be bringing us little bundles of Christmas joy with kitties just in time for the holidays. Check back soon for more details. 


Sept 13th 2023

Mystic ragdoll kitties have landed in Las Vegas. Born 6/28/2023 making them 11 weeks old today. All 5 still available.  

August 18th 2023

Sassy was reserved but is now available. Born 05/22/2023 

We are waiting for Queen Jasmine to go into heat and are excited to see the beautiful kitties she gives us. Stay tuned. 

July 8th 2023

We have one kitty available through Las Vegas Ragddoll, Squeaky. 

5 more available through our sister cattery, Mystic Ragdolls. 

The 5 kitties were born June 28th and should be opening their eyes any day now. Stay tune for more kitty photos.  

June 16, 2023 -

Purcy's kitty gender reveal: *drum roll please* 2 boys 1 girl. 

2 are reserved and 1 available.


We are proud to welcome our newest queen Jasmine, Jazzy for short. She is settling in quite well. She's a seal point / bicolor.  

Birthday is 5/8/22 from Willowtreerags cattery. We are so happy with our new addition to the family. More to come on Jazzy.  

June 3, 2023 -

Purcy had 3 beautiful kittens. Stay tuned for the gender. We should be able to tell in about 2 weeks.  1 has a deposit but 2 are still available.

Our sister site, Mystic Rag dolls, has 5 kittens 3 girls and 2 boys all available to take home as early as June 12. 

May 09, 2023- Purcy is pregnant and is expected to give birth around the 1st week of June. Will accept deposits a week after their birth. Check back soon.

April  5 2023 - Bandit had 6 beautiful kitties. and all have received deposits and are reserved. 


APRIL 1 2023 - Miss Daisy had a litter of five beautiful kittens. ALL FIVE ARE RESERVED. Bandit is expecting and has 2 weeks to go. So far, I have received two deposits on her future kitties. 

All of our kittens come as pets, and are priced at $1750.00. But due to our current economy our kittens will be priced at $1500.00. The price for a breeding kitten is $3000.00.  However, ALL of our kittens come with show rights! Before they leave us, they will have their first 2 sets of shots and deworming if the veterinarian determines a need for it.  All parents have been tested negative for HCM and FIV/FELV.  All kittens will need to be spayed at the age of six months.  We believe those first months are an important part of their development with the hormones.  Proof of spay or neutered must be provided before registration papers will be given. Payment plans are available upon request. All funds are due by pick up date in Cash or PayPal. No personal checks. If you see a kitten you would like to reserve, please send an email. A non-refundable $200 fee will be required. If a kitten is still pictured it is usually available as I do my best to mark them reserved as soon as I get your deposit. Thanks for looking at our babies.

*No Kitten is considered reserved until the deposit is received.

Ninja 4 weeks.JPG
Purcy's Kitties @ 4 weeks old 
All  four are happily reserved

My name is Bambi and Im a girl

My name is Ninja and Im a boy

My name is Joker and Im a boy

My name is Slash and Im a boy

Miss Daisy's Kitties born 7/4/24 
1 Available
4 Reserved
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