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Meet The Parents

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Queen Jasmine

Our newest Queen

Jasmine is a seal point bi-color ragdoll. She was born on 05/08/2022. She's sweet and very affectionate. The fluffiest cat of all the queens, with beautiful colors. She is fitting in very well around here, and has been so playful. We cannot wait to see the cute kitties Jasmine gives us. 

Queen Bandit

Bandit is a Seal point/bicolor, ragdoll. She was born on 10/01/2020. She got her name because she looks mischievous. As she gets older she lives up to her name. She loves to play, especially a good game of fetch. She likes to jump up on the counter when I'm getting ready to feed them, and tries to eat everybody's food before the rest of them get a chance. Her first batch of kittens was beautiful and she was a great mommy.


Queen Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy is a Mitted Seal Point. She was born on 05/26/2021. She's very quiet and likes her space. She loves to play with her feather toy. She's sneaky, but also very curious. Mostly she likes to stay under the radar around here.


Queen Purcy

Purcy is a mitted seal point. Born 5/8/2022. She loves to purrrr and that's how she got her name. When I'm at the desk, she likes to help me type. If she's not helping me type, she's chasing the mouse on the computer screen. Purcy loves giving Eskimo kisses. 


Mr. T

Our King

Mr T is a Blue Point/Bicolor. He's got a beautiful color with gorgeous blue eyes.  He was born on 11/09/2019. He loves his belly rubbed. He likes to snuggle up around your neck and make biscuits when you first get into bed. He doesn't like it if you're looking at your phone. He will try and push it out of your hand. That's his time!

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